Article Review on Hunting…

The article I did my article review on:

Hunting has been apart of our way of life since man first came onto this earth. Its has been a means of survival, a way of life, a habit, and activity. There’s nothing wrong with the way hunting is being handled.

The article states that some people believe hunting is nothing but animal cruelty. They say that if you hunt enough that it could kill off the deer population or what ever you are hunting. They believe that animals have the same rights as humans and should not be hunted.

This is not true. Hunting has regulated so that the deer population will stay the same. You have to go through a special course to be able to hunt. Also, for moose hunting only a certain amount of people can hunt a year.

Animals have rights, but not the same as humans. Some animals are sometimes raised to be killed. Also, animals get killed in the wild just as easy as humans can kill them.

There is nothing wrong with hunting.


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